the history of the brand
Through 2018, I worked as a civil Judge in Moscow. Growing increasingly frustrated with the legal system I decided to change life's focus to follow my dream to become a watchmaker. I spent 4 years learning how to make watches and refining my skills. Shortly after, I released my first model, the Fortress.
The dial of the Fortress was designed to represent the style of a Fortress Tower, with the indicators resembling the observation windows for the tower guards. Inspired by other small independent watchmakers who had struck out on their own to build their own watches, I devoted myself to a new craft.
The Fortress 2 trades the striking blue textured dial for a more discrete, but still beautifully textured gray dial. It maintains the same strong bronze surround with hour/minute indicators cut out to represent the tower windows. The subseconds integrates easily into the overall design. The leaf-style hands on the Fortress are swapped for skeltonized dauphine-style hands and the crown is a more compact straight push-pull than the original's large diamond-style crown. The overall look is slightly sportier and under the radar.
In new limited edition model "Fortress III" (only 3 pieces), special attention is paid to time indications, harmoniously connected by lines. The dial is made of pure silver. The movement is laser-treated and painted in rose gold, the wheels are skeletonized.
I set a goal to create two more new limited-edition Fortress models, with different colors and movements, which will complete the limited series, each 3 pieces. After that I intend to change the design.
Inspired by the Nautical theme, I decided to make a watch with a Coral dial. The watch is presented in a new polished case with a sapphire crystal with 5 layers AR coating. The upper part of the dial is made of German Silver and attached to the Copper base by micro welding, and matte varnished. Stainless steel "Sword" hands and Unitas 6498-2 Top Grade movement.
After receiving a lot of positive feedback on the "Fortress I" with the Blue dial, I decided to make a new "Fortress V" model in "Royal Blue" color. The top part is also decorated with German Silver and glossy varnished.
To obtain this shade I had to mix several layers of paint from light blue to dark blue, this decision justified itself, as the shades change each other in the sunlight from light to dark. The watch has green lume hands and the Unitas 6497-2 Top Grade Cal. db9 (Black) movement is a perfect match for this limited edition model.